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Relaxing Massage

The Apollo Therapy Massage School

With over 25 years of massage and education, Apollo Therapy is providing up-and-coming massage therapists the chance to learn and become certified. Keep in mind the certification process varies by state: (Home - Division of Occupational and Professional Licenses (

The massage therapy program is designed to prepare students to function competently as professional massage therapists in a variety of settings. The student will develop skills and knowledge in massage therapy techniques. Topics included massage history, theory, pathology, contraindications, business administration, state laws and regulations, practical experience, anatomy, and physiology. Upon successful completion of the Massage Therapy 600hour course students are eligible for their National Board Test.

Part I: The History and Advancement of Therapeutic Massage 
  • Historical Overview of Massage

  • Requirements for the Practice of Therapeutic Massage

  • Professional Ethics for Massage Practitioners 

Part II: Human Anatomy and Physiology
  • Anatomy and Physiology Overview

  • Human and Physiology 

Part III: Massage Practice
  • Equipment and Products

  • Sanitary and Safety Practice 

  • Consultation and Documentation 

  • Classical Massage Movements

  • Application of Massage Technique

  • Procedures for Complete Body massage

  • Hydrotherapy 

  • Massage in the Spa Setting

  • Clinical Message Techniques

  • Lymph Massage

  • Additional Therapeutic Modalities

Part IV Pathology and Contraindications
  • Therapeutic Procedures

  • Effects, Benefits, Indications, and Contraindications of Massage

  • Athletic/Sports Massage

  • Message for Special Populations

  • Massage in Medicine 

Part V: Massage Business Administration
  • Business Practices

Students Clinical Internship
  • Internship

For more information about classes or to schedule a class, text or call 208-724-7599

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